Cemetery Interments

Newark City Cemetery

Newark City Cemetery was established at its present location in 1869. It also goes by the names of Potter's Field, Newark Municipal Graveyard and Floral Rest. Initially 4,500 interments were moved from the previous location on Hamburg Place (Wilson Avenue) and an additional 500 interments were moved from the grounds of the Alms House that was at 260 Elizabeth Avenue. After that it became the burial ground for the city's indigent population. The cemetery was closed in the early 1950's and used as an industrial site. In the late 1990s it was cleaned up but again has fallen into neglect. As of this date, no records of interments have been found. Marjie Ewin of the New Jersey Records Preservation Group has taken on the task of compiling a database of all interments in Newark City Cemetery. If you find someone in your search of our database (below), there may be additional information on that person that can be obtained by emailing Marjie at maewin@comcast.net.

If you know of any other Newark City Cemetery burials please contact Marjie at maewin@comcast.net.