Our Mission

Digitize Records

We document information regarding our ancestors, their lives and deaths that would otherwise be lost due to the destruction of records, either by age, lack of capability to document, interest, or lack of knowledge of the historical/ancestral value of the records.

Looking For

We are looking for any records from cemeteries, funeral homes, churches, or any vital records that are in danger of being damaged, destroyed or lost.


We offer to photograph and create databases to preserve records, which in turn gives value to the original holder of the records and to the NJRPG.


What our clients say

I was afraid that all the records from Woodland Cemetery in Newark, NJ were lost.  But thanks to NJRPG they have been preserved.

Ronnie Cashmen

I was looking for the address of my Great Grandfather in Newark, NJ.  I contacted NJRPG and was put in touch with someone who was able to find the information for me.

James Stevens

The Haeberle & Barth Funeral Home closed a long time ago.  Thanks to NJRPG I was able to find where the records were kept.

Deborah Billings